Kids Plus Kindergarten Program for 2016


We have an exciting Kindergarten Approved program for 2016, which includes:

    •     that is delivered by a four year qualified early childhood education teacher (Sophie Mc Callum). Find out more about Sophie here.
    •  that aligns with the national Early Years Learning Framework and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline. The Kids Plus Kindergarten program is a play based negotiated emergent and co-constructed curriculum with an emphasis on lifelong skills for lifelong learning.
    •   Your child will receive all the educational benefits of a Stand Alone Kindergarten but the added bonus of longer hours and 52 weeks a year.
    •  Prepares your child for School we focus on making sure your child is equipped to handle the transition to Prep and able to build on foundations of earlier learning. We have strong relationships with local schools that prepare your child for easy transition into prep. We will visit Schools to help your child acquaint themselves with new surroundings making integration alot smoother.
    • Build your childs awareness of the community by visiting local Age Car Facilities. This cognitively enhances children’s social abilities and creates mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with the community.
    • Participation in under 8’s day which is a huge highlight for any child! 
    •  Each child will be provided with a transition statement that includes information on your child’s learning and development to share with their new teacher at Prep. This will help ensure that your child’s new school is well prepared to continue your child’s learning.
    •  Each child will graduate at the end of the year at our special Graduation Ceremony which is unique to Kids Plus.
    •  Each family will receive a DVD at year end comprising of a beautiful compilation of images to music of your child’s Learning Journey.
    •  for children in the year prior to Prep (aged at least 4 years old by 30 June in the year they participate)
    •  for 15 hours per week, for at least 41 weeks per year  

    Find out why other says about the Kids Plus experience and click here.

Queensland Kindergarten Learning and Development Guidelines


  • Building a sense of security and trust
  • Acting with increasing independence and perseverance
  • Building a confident self-identity


  • Building positive relationships with others
  • Showing increasing respect for diversity
  • Showing increasing respect for environments


  • Building a sense of autonomy and wellbeing
  • Exploring ways to show care and concern and interact positively with others
  • Exploring ways to promote own and others’ health and safety
  • Exploring ways to promote physical wellbeing

Active Learning

  • Building positive dispositions and approaches toward learning
  • Increasing confidence and involvement in learning
  • Engaging in ways to be imaginative and creative
  • Exploring tools, technologies and information and communication technologies


  • Exploring and expanding ways to use language
  • Exploring and engaging with literacy in personally meaningful ways
  • Exploring and engaging with numeracy in personally meaningful ways
  • (Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline, 2010)