New to Childcare

Top 5 Questions New Parents Ask.6295916-3832x2554

1.       What should I look for in a childcare?

Choosing a childcare for the first time can be a daunting task, but with a simple checklist it can be made a lot easier. This simple 7 point checklist may help you:

    1. Does the childcare have a safe, stimulating and clean environment?
    2. Are there play areas that are developmentally appropriate for younger and older children?
    3. Are the rooms clean, well presented and have air conditioning?
    4. Is the Director and educators welcoming, friendly and caring?
    5. What type of Educational Program do they offer?
    6. Is it in a convenient location for my day to day activities?
    7. What is a typical day for my child. E.g. meals, sleep times, etc?

2.       Am I eligible for Childcare Centre Rebate and Childcare Centre Payments.

There are 2 payments that you may be eligible for, depending on your family’s financial situation.

Childcare Benefit

This is a weekly, fortnightly or monthly benefit provided by the government that helps with your child cost in long day care, outside school care and Kindergarten programs. To find out more about these payments please visit:

Child Care Rebate

This covers 50 percent of out-of-pocket child-care expenses, up to a maximum amount per child per year.  You can receive this in addition to the childcare benefit. For more information see:

Example: In this example below, the centre fee is $70 for one child for one day. You receive a total of $55 from the government (this is made up for a $40 childcare benefit and $15 childcare rebate). This leaves you with $15 out of pocket expenses.

Centre Fee                        $70 (per child for 1 day)

Childcare Benefit:            $40 (for 1 day)

Childcare Rebate:            $15

Your Out of Pocket :  $15

NOTE: this is an example only and will vary depending on your own situation.

 3.       Can I get an estimate of what will be my out of pocket expenses?

Yes, most centres should be able to give you an approximate estimate through their online system. If you would like an estimate from Kids Plus Coolum, please contact our Director,  Kym at 07 5471 6477.

4.       What Educational Program do you run at your centre?

All centres should have an educational program. At Kids Plus  we offer a fun and meaningful educational program for each child from the Nursery (6 weeks)  through to our Approved QLD Kindergarten Program (5 years). Each individual child’s knowledge, ideas, cultural abilities and interests form the foundation of our educational programs.

5.      What makes your childcare different?

This is an important question of any centre. It is good to find out what products and services they may have that maybe different to what other centres offer.   Check out what makes Kids Plus Different.

If you want to enroll your child, take a tour or have further questions, call Kym on 0754716477  or contact us via email.

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