Angela Liau

Every time I walk into daycare I am very impressed with all of the staff and the facilities. I rave about my daycare to all of the Mum’s I know and I am frequently surprised at how much my kids have learned here-compared to other kids daycares. Also how much Jonah learned in the Preschool room (not as much is taught in Prep!!)

I am grateful that my 3 year old is learning letters at such an early age as he is enjoying the stimulation.

Kim provides me with lots of valuable information when I have a question- whether it be about the boys behaviour, the centre or her experiences with other children. So do all the other girls and I feel very comfortable in talking to anyone if I have any concerns about Marley.

Thank you so much for everything-Keep up the great work.

Angela Liau

  • January 26, 2013

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