Georgie Smith

Placing your child into care for the first time can be a very challenging time emotionally for both the children and the parents.  Both Wayne and I were feeling very uneasy about our decision to enrol Liv in childcare and how she may react to the experience but we would like to let you know that due to the professionalism of your staff and the values / principles that appear to be inherent in your centre, it has made something very difficult, an easy transition for us all.  Liv has settled in well and is clearly excited each day when we bring her to the centre.  This is something we thought might take much longer than the few weeks it did. The friendliness of all the staff members and the great work they do to ensure the children are kept interested and challenged with various activities, is a credit to your centre.  We love the idea of your newsletter and the various activities integrating the centre with the families and as such we look forward to long and harmonious relationship. Georgie Smith

  • January 26, 2013

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